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Version 19.0 (New November 1, 2018)
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Getting Started     

If this is the first time you are using the Encampment Management Program you may feel a little overwhelmed. There is a lot of functionality. Fortunately, you can use as much or as little as you want (or need). In New York Wing, each year more people become familiar with the programs and have learned to depend on them. So each year, we have added new sub-systems. But the first year, we simply used the programs to keep track of the paperwork and the payments received. It enabled us to have a very smooth registration process and to easily print most of the critical documents required for graduation.

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So, for your first time use, I would recommend the following scenario:

  • After installing the programs, review the System Setup.
    • Take a look at the Activity Setup option. There are a series of tabs. The NYWg set up information has been left in place so that you can see a sample of what kind of data should be entered.
    • The next option is the Registration Letter setup. If you are going to use the system to verify the accuracy of the paperwork, it is necessary to define the things you will be checking on the first tab in this program. You do not have to add membership status, CPPT status, and Social Security Number. They are automatically added by the system. If you are going to send letters acknowledging the receipt of the paperwork, you will need to adjust the wording of these letters. The system supports two letters (an acknowledgement letter and an acceptance letter. You do not HAVE to use either.)
    • The Certificates of Appreciation only needs to be revised if you are going to use this report.
    • Other Tables can be left as is. As you start to use the system, you may discover that you may want to add/delete certain values in these tables. The only one that is likely to need to be updated is the Flights Table. (This indicates how many flights of cadets you will be supporting and the names of the flights.)
    • IGNORE the Advanced Options tab on the System Setup Menu. You will not need to do anything here.
  • Record Paperwork. We are very fortunate to have a Pre-Encampment Registrar who handles all the paperwork. (Frequently this job ends up on the Commander's plate.) To maximize the benefit of the programs, this is a four-step process: Enter application, record payments, check paperwork accuracy, and send acknowledgement letters. Because the letters include payment status information, if you decide not to track payment information, you will not be able to use the acknowledgement letters without some program modifications to the letters. I strongly recommend keeping track of the payments in this system. This has totally eliminated payment issues during registration.
    • Enter Application - use the Pre-Encampment Paperwork Menu/Participants-Add. Enter all received applications before going to the next step. If a check has accompanied the application, put the correct CAPID on the check and set it aside for later entry.
    • Enter Payments
    • Check Paperwork - The ADD process has updated any information that is in the applicant's record from the National Database. Verify on the Main Page, that the retrieved address is correct. Add any missing information. Go to the PAPERWORK tab and you will see a checklist of items to verify. (The checklist is user-defined in the Registration Letters Set up.)
    • Send Registration Letters

  • Edit Participant Information - From the time you receive the application until the encampment begins, there is little that you need to do with the database. Cadets frequently change rank and email addresses, if they are communicating that information, you should be updating their records. As you receive missing paperwork or other information, update that as well. The more accurate the database is prior to the encampment, the easier it is during the activity.
  • Take a look at the Menu Map. This is visual picture of the menu structure and which menus are used during the encampment. The best way to understand the system, is to install it, enter some test data, and poke around trying out the different reports. (When you are ready to begin using the program with real data you can delete the test data (SETUP MENU - Advanced Tab - Clear All Data Files. Any setup information will not be affected.)

  • Also review the Reports By Menu. This lists all the reports in the system and indicates what menu they appear on.
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