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Enter Payments

Enter the CAPID in the field. (Can use the drop-down lookup to view ALL individuals in the database, but if you entered the CAPID on the check, this is a verification that you have the right number.)
After entering the CAPID, the name of the individual will be displayed next to the CAPID. Enter whether Check, Money Order or Cash, Check #, Amount and the Name on the check. Enter R for Registration Fees. 'O' is available for Other Income, or you can define on the Set Up Menu a code for a particular activity that you might be collecting money. The type "R" payment has special meaning within the system and is used to indicate if the individual has paid in full, or still owes money.
A different Batch Number should be used for each separate deposit to the bank or batch sent to the Wing for deposit. When depositing the money, print the batch report, and indicate that the batch is closed. We also make photocopies of the checks in each deposit.
One check may cover several individuals. Enter the amount for each individual, but use the same check# and Name on the check.
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