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Add Participant

Enter the CAPID in the field. (Can use the drop-down lookup to view ALL individuals in the downloaded CAPWATCH file.) If the individual is from another wing, be sure to use the correct CAPID (even though you cannot verify it on this screen.)
After entering the CAPID, the information from the CAPWATCH will be displayed in the grey box on the right. Verify that the information is referring to the same individual as the application form. Enter the name as it appears on the application. (Sometimes the name is incorrect on the National database, or individuals prefer to be known by a different first name.) Enter "Staff" if this individual is applying for staff, otherwise leave the field set to "-".
This completes the initial entry into the database. You can continue entering any additional application forms without leaving this screen. (Click on vertical grey bar on left, or the next record indicator on the bottom to clear the screen for a new entry.)