Having provided this program for over 20 years, it is finally time to stop. I am trying to redo the programs to work on the web and will no longer be working with a stand-alone access version of the encampment management program. No new programs will be developed for this platform. You are welcome to download the existing programs and use as long as they still work. If anyone wants to continue to support this program, feel free.

Lt Col Barbara Burns Fall, 2023

How to Use This Website

These programs were designed to help manage the Civil Air Patrol Encampment Activities. The first year the programs were used in 1999, the goal was to provide a way to identify issues with membership in the national organization. The entry of new participants was linked with a look up to a copy of the National CAPWATCH data.

Since the encampment was growing larger with each passing year, it became more critical to have a more systematic way to track payments and money owed. Both goals were accomplished that first year, and as a by-product we were able to produce reports and official documentation that made the administrative aspects of this activity much less onerous and much more accurate. In fact, the administrative tasks at the encampment are completely handled by cadet staff.

More programs and sub-systems have been added each year since 1999. The Encampment Management Program facilitates an encampment img/cadetcomputer2.gif structure with a large executive staff and senior members as mentors.

The Encampment Management Program creates a database that can generate Certificates of Accomplishment, P1's, MSA's, Sign In Sheets and the like, the "Getting Started" document will assist you in using the programs for the first time.

How to Get a Copy of the Latest Program

This web site is designed to provide a mechanism for users to get the latest version of the programs. Each year, the programs are enhanced and are available no later than January of the next year. I hope that you will take the time to let me know that you have been using the programs and any feedback. (The programs and documentation as well as a registration form are available on the downloads page.)