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Version 19.0 (New November 1, 2018)
Sponsored by New York Wing, Civil Air Patrol

IMPORTANT: Change setting in Access Program

You must have Access 2010 installed on your system. (Access 2000, 2003, and 2007 probably still work, but I cannot guarantee future backward compatibility.)

All versions of Access need to have Action Queries Unchecked, Access 2010 needs to allow macros. See the attached document for complete instructions. Access 2010 Settings (Access 2007 Settings)

Occasionally there are changes by National, or errors discovered in the Access programs. If you wish to be notified, please enter your email address. (This must be repeated for every new release).

Download Instructions

Load the Version 19.0 Data file first. (This action will overwrite any previously entered data.)

Version 19.0 Data Size:  1.4M

This is an executable file named (data.exe). It should create the capwatch directory if it doesn't already exist as well as loading the data databases, two font files and a sample signature image. Clicking on Version 19.0 Data should prompt you to save the file. Save it to your desktop and then click on it. It should extract 12 files. (You can delete this file from your desktop after it has successfully loaded the data to c:\capwatch.) Under Windows 10, you may receive a message indicating the file may be dangerous. Click on the Additional Information link, and click to continue the installation process. This file contains several databases that hold different kinds of data:
  • data.mdb - Basic setup and participant data
  • finance.mdb - Financial data - Payments
  • disbursements.mdb - Disbursements
  • flights.mdb - Orientation & Military Flight Set up files
  • Medical.mdb - Medical Information
  • history.mdb - last year's history - will be blank in this download
  • SSN.mdb - previously collected Social Security Numbers - will be blank in this download
  • travel.mdb - travel information and guests
  • move_data.mdb - a work database to allow partial movement of data
Version 19.0 Programs Size:  5.3M

This file contains the Encampment Management programs. This is an executable file named encampment.exe. Save it to your desktop and then click on it. (You can delete this file from your desktop after it has successfully loaded the Encampment (2019) 19_0.mdb to c:\capwatch.)
  • Encampment (2019) 19_0.mdb - Database that holds all programming
Empty Capwatch Database Size:  2.9M

This file contains the capwatch database from National HQ. (This includes the file change made in May 2016). In order for the programs to work properly you need to have this database located in the C:capwatch directory. If you download your wing data from National the interface programs in the Encampment Management Program will load the National data into these files. Clicking on Empty Capwatch Database should prompt you to save the file. (The executable file is named capwatch.exe.) Save it to your desktop and then click on it. It should extract 1 file - capwatch.mdb and locate it in the c:capwatch directory. (You can delete the saved file on the desktop after it has successfully loaded the file.)
  • capwatch.mdb - Database that holds downloaded data from National.
National CAPWATCH   To maximize the use of these programs, the CAPWATCH files for your wing should be downloaded and stored in the C:capwatch\downloads directory. The link (National CAPWATCH) will take you to the sign on screen for the National Web Site e-services for Civil Air Patrol. You may need to register and/or get authorization from your wing to do this download. Click on the link Directions for CAPWATCH Download for full instructions on how to complete this process. (After Downloading data from National, you need to run an additional program in the Encampment Management Program.)

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Final Installation Tasks

  1. Verify that the following files exist in the directory c:capwatch. (If the downloads directory does not exist, create it.)
  2. Nottingham (Notting.ttf) and Casque Open Face (Casqueof.ttf) are two fonts that have been used to create an elegant Certificate of Appreciation and Certificate of Accomplishment. These two fonts are included with the database. Install the fonts (Control Panel, Fonts, Install). If you do not install the fonts, your computer should still print these forms with the closest font available.
  3. The programs as installed will not print a signature on Certificates of Accomplishment. If you want this feature follow the instructions on the "What's New File - User Defined Signature.
  4. Download the latest CAPWATCH. (Make sure that the files are extracted to the downloads directory (C:\CAPWATCH\downloads)
  5. If you have History from last year, replace the History Database.
  6. You can make a shortcut to Encampment (2019) 19_0.mdb to more easily initiate the Encampment Management Program
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